Campervan vs Caravan | What’s the Difference?

Campervan vs Caravan

Imagine hitting the open road, ready for an adventure, with your home on wheels right behind you. But wait, should that home be a campervan or a caravan?

This is the big question many travellers face. Both options bring you a unique experience and shape your road trip for years to come.

A campervan is like a Swiss Army knife on wheels – compact, versatile, and ready to go wherever you do. On the other hand, a caravan is more like a cozy mobile home that you tow behind your car, offering spacious comfort once you park.

Choosing between a campervan and a caravan can be difficult, but don’t worry!

In this blog, we’ll break down campervan vs caravan, explore their pros and cons, and help you decide which option suits your holidays best.

Let’s find out which is the perfect fit for your next adventure!

What’s the Difference Between Caravan and Campervan?


A campervan is a compact, all-in-one vehicle that combines both transportation and living space, making it a home on wheels.

Typically, smaller and more basic than a motorhome, a campervan includes essential amenities like cooking facilities, washing areas, and sleeping quarters for 2-3 people. Unlike larger RVs, there’s usually no separation between the driving area and the living space. Campervans come in various models, from the classic Volkswagen to more modern and luxurious options, making them a versatile choice for travellers seeking convenience and mobility.


A caravan, often called a travel trailer or mobile home, is a portable living space that you tow behind your vehicle.

Once you reach your campsite, you’ll need to unhook your car and possibly connect electricity and waste facilities. Caravans come in various sizes and features to suit different needs. If you plan to travel off-road, there are options with advanced suspension systems, though these will cost more. Caravans offer a spacious and comfortable living area, often providing more room than a campervan.

Let’s review an easy comparison table between campervan and caravan:



Can be driven like a regular vehicle

Towed behind a car or truck

Has its own engine

Doesn’t have an engine

It’s small and everything is inside, like a tiny house

It’s spacious and separate from your vehicle, like a small house on wheels

Includes basic amenities for cooking, washing, and sleeping; and sometimes a bathroom

It has many different features depending on model and size, including kitchenette, bathroom, and sleeping areas

Fits 2-3 people; no wall between where you drive and where you sleep.

Fits different numbers of people, and there are separate places to sleep and live.

More affordable; price varies depending on size, features, and brand

Affordable to high-end models with advanced amenities, price varies based on size, features, and brand

Offers flexibility to travel and camp in various locations

Provides a stationary living space once parked, requiring a designated area for setup

Caravan Vs Campervan | Pros and Cons

Pros of Campervans | Why a campervan is better than a caravan

  • Size and Movability

One of the biggest advantages of a campervan is its compact size and ease of driving. They are more maneuverable than towing a caravan. It’s because they can fit into standard parking spaces which makes them ideal for spontaneous road trips and stops in small towns.

  • Storage and Parking

When not in use, a campervan can be parked on the street or in a driveway, often without causing issues with neighbours. This is a stark contrast to caravans, which typically require off-road storage, adding potential costs and logistical challenges.

  • Spontaneity and Convenience

Campervans offer unmatched freedom. With everything packed and ready to go, you can decide on a whim to head out for a weekend adventure. Stopping for supplies or taking detours is simple, which isn’t as easy with a caravan in tow.


Campervans tend to be more expensive than caravans, particularly the top-of-the-line models. Vintage or brand-new campervans can require a significant investment, but they often hold their value well, making them a potential long-term investment.

Pros of Caravans | Why a caravan is better than a campervan

  • Cost-Effectiveness

Caravans are generally more affordable than campervans, making them a budget-friendly option for many families. This cost-effectiveness extends to maintenance and insurance as well.

  • Space and Comfort

Caravans often provide more living space than campervans. You’re likely to enjoy a full-size kitchen, larger beds, and even a separate bathroom. The ability to stand up straight without stooping is another significant comfort advantage.

  • Living Space Setup

Once parked, a caravan is ready to go with minimal setup. You can quickly settle in without transforming the space from a driving mode to a living mode, which can be cumbersome in a campervan.

  • Day Trips and Flexibility

With a caravan, you can easily detach your living space and use your car for day trips. This means you don’t have to pack up your living area every time you want to explore or run errands.

  • Comparing Costs

When it comes to upfront costs, caravans are typically less expensive than campervans. However, campervans might offer better resale value, balancing the scales for long-term investment.

  • Family-Friendly Features

Both campervans and caravans can be family-friendly, but caravans often provide more space for larger families. Campervans are great for smaller families or couples looking for flexibility and mobility.


Caravans require more skill and confidence to tow compared to driving a campervan. They are less maneuverable and can be challenging to navigate through narrow roads and tight spaces.

Caravans usually need off-road storage, which can add extra costs and logistical challenges.

Caravans require more planning and preparation compared to campervans. Their setup is less spontaneous due to the need for towing and parking.

Top Tips for Choosing Between a Campervan and a Caravan

  • Assess your holiday habits: Are you a spontaneous traveller or do you prefer long stays?
  • Consider your budget: Factor in both initial costs and long-term maintenance.
  • Think about storage: Do you have space to store a caravan or a campervan?
  • Consider driving comfort: Are you comfortable towing a caravan or do you prefer driving an all-in-one vehicle?
  • Space needs: Consider the size of your family and the amount of living space you require.

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What are the main differences between a campervan and a caravan?

A campervan is a self-contained vehicle you can drive and live in, while a caravan is towed behind a car and provides living space without an engine.

Which is more cost-effective: a campervan or a caravan?

Caravans are generally cheaper to buy and maintain. Campervans, however, often hold their value better, making them a potentially better long-term investment.

Which is easier to drive; a campervan or a caravan?

Campervans are easier to drive and maneuver compared to towing a caravan. Caravans require more skill and confidence in handling.

Which offers more living space: a campervan or a caravan?

Caravans generally offer more living space and comfort, ideal for longer stays. Campervans, while more compact, provide convenience and mobility.

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