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The Best Quality Hybrid Caravan in Australia

Sunshine Trail hybrid caravans are built tough to withstand the harshest climates Australia can throw at them. Utilising state-of-the-art composite materials and high-quality fittings, they represent the best value on the market today.

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Designed for comfort and durability, Sunshine Caravans are perfect for every adventure. Book yours now and explore the beauty of Australia.

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Whether you're cruising or fishing, Sunshine Boats provide unmatched performance and reliability. Get your perfect boat today and hit the water.

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Our vans are built for adventure and designed with your ultimate safety and comfort in mind.


13 FT HT Sleep 2 Starts from $55,000

13 FT HT Sleep 4 Starts from $58,800

15’ FT POPTOP - Starts from $56,900

Classic 15 FT HT-2 Starts from $56,000

16 FT PT 4 Starts from $62,000

16 FT HT 2 Starts from $68,000

Sunshine Trail: Your Partner in Adventure

Buy Customised Caravans & Crafts for your Journey!

Whether you're planning a family vacation or a solo road trip, buying Caravans or  custom crafts gives you the freedom and flexibility to explore.

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Find Your Perfect Ride:
Caravans, Crafts, and Boats Await!

Ready for a family vacation or a solo journey? Sunshine offers the freedom to explore with caravans, crafts, and boats tailored to your needs.

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Here the Adventure and Comfort Meet

Sunshine provides the Best Quality Hybrid Caravan in Australia

Sunshine Trail hybrid caravans are built tough to withstand the harshest climate Australia can throw at them. Utilising state of the art composite materials and high quality fittings they represent the very best value caravan you can get on the market today.

Our “adventure engineers” have painstakingly made sure each caravan is quality assured and ready for any outback excursion. Built tough with comfort in mind, these cleverly designed hybrid caravans offer the very best value on the Australian market.

Our passion for crafting caravans and custom crafts helps clients enjoy more family time. Sunshine values creating moments that bring families closer.

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Family Adventure Awaits

Explore Together in Our Caravans

Compact Comfort

Tiny Home on Wheels!

"Family Fun on the Go"

Experience the Quality Time!

Change the way you travel, be closer to nature

Our premium caravans bring the comforts of home to your travels, allowing you to explore breathtaking destinations while enjoying the stunning landscapes, stopping anywhere to savor homemade tea brewed in your own kitchen. With a bathroom, kitchen, and cozy bed always at your disposal, Sunshine caravans redefine travel, offering unparalleled comfort, flexibility, and spontaneity.


Wild Life

Australia's diverse wildlife makes it the Lucky Country. Park your caravan in the jungle and immerse yourself in nature, enjoying comfort and ease as you explore.


For the nature-loving caravan enthusiasts, a must-visit spot is the lake. With abundant off-roading trails, it's the perfect blend of adventure and comfort.


Explore Australia's top hiking spots, rich in natural beauty. Extend your adventure by bringing a caravan along for a home-like retreat wherever you wander.

Family Time

Enjoy quality family time with the comfort and flexibility of a caravan, making every trip an adventure.

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