Explore Western Australia: A Road Trip from Perth to Pemberton

Road Trip from Perth to Pemberton

The road trip from Perth to Pemberton in Western Australia is a captivating journey allowing tourists to explore the neighboring regions and towns.

The most direct route from Perth to Pemberton spans approximately 326 kilometers, today Sunshine Trail will guide you about all the visiting places from Perth to Pemberton with camping accommodation guide and most renowned cuisine to try.

The drive from Perth to Pemberton is characterized by its serenity and picturesque landscapes, offering a plethora of delightful stops and activities to enhance your journey.

So, let’s get started!

Ultimate Perth to Pemberton Road Trip Guide

Essential Items: Perth to Pemberton Road Trip

Maps and NavigationRoad maps, GPS, UHF
Travel DocumentsPassport, Visas, ID card, License
Food and WaterNon-perishable foods, Snacks, Water
ToiletriesToothbrush and Paste, Soap, Toilet Paper etc.
First Aid KitBasic first aid kit, Towel, Wet Wipes, Sunglass & Sunscreen
Vehicle Essentials

Vehicle condition check, Trash Bags, Spare Tire, Torches and other car essential

Tools, Jumper or Jack etc.

ElectronicsPhone charger and Power Bank, Camera and other electronic devices charger
Cash and CardsCash, Credit & Debit Cards
CameraCamera & Selfie Stick
Safety GearTorch, Match Box or Lighter, Whistle and Fire Blanket


Perth to Pemberton: Drive Guide

Pemberton is a charming small town located in the southwestern region of Western Australia (WA). It boasts a population of approximately 2,000 residents. For travelers, Pemberton is situated around 326 kilometers south of Perth, 135 kilometers from Margaret River, 231 kilometers from Albany, and 144 kilometers from Busselton. Additionally, it is in close proximity to neighboring regional towns such as Nannup and Manjimup.

Pemberton is a hidden gem surrounded by ancient Karri forests and pristine lakes and rivers, making it an excellent year-round destination. Whether you’re looking to enjoy the lush beauty in winter or cool off in refreshing swimming holes during the summer, Pemberton has something to offer.

Moreover, Pemberton is a paradise for food enthusiasts, with a plethora of fresh, locally sourced produce. It is renowned for marron and trout fishing, offering a delightful culinary experience that never disappoints.

Location: Pemberton

When it comes to getting to Pemberton, the most convenient and efficient way is by using your own vehicle or by renting a car. Having your own means of transportation is also highly recommended, as it allows you the flexibility to explore Pemberton’s attractions and surrounding areas at your own pace. That is why Sunshine Trail is offering you comfortable caravans to stay in your home comfort and peace where ever you go in Australia.

The shortest route from Perth to Pemberton typically takes about 3 hours and 40 minutes, covering approximately 326 kilometers. This route initially leads you south from Perth along Forest Highway via Mandurah and Bunbury. It then takes you slightly inland on South West Highway, passing through Donnybrook, Bridgetown, and Manjimup before reaching the picturesque destination of Pemberton.

However, we’d recommend taking your time and enjoying some of the fantastic stops along the way. If you’re willing to extend your journey to around 5 hours of driving, you’ll discover some remarkable towns and attractions.

Road Trip Itinerary from Perth to Pemberton:

RouteDistance(km)Highlights of Visiting Places
Perth to Collie198Jarrahdale, Serpentine Falls, Dwellingup
Collie to Pemberton175Donnybrook, Boyup Brook, Bridgetown, Manjimup, Diamond Tree, Pemberton
Pemberton to Busselton140Northcliffe, Margaret River, Yallingup
Yallingup to Perth220Injidup Natural Spa, Busselton, Bunbury, Ferguson Valley, Yalgorup National Park, Mandurah, Fremantle


Caravan and Camping Accommodations in the Pemberton Area:

Caravan and Camping

Pemberton Caravan ParkHeart of PembertonCommunity-owned, eco-friendly, near bike trails, close to Pemberton Pool, Lefroy Brook.
RAC Karri Valley ResortShores of Lake Beedelup, 20-min from PembertonSurrounded by Karri Forest, access to local attractions, various accommodation options.
Manjimup Central Caravan ParkManjimup, South West HighwayOver 35 powered sites, some with suites, dog-friendly, modern amenities.
Quinninup Caravan ParkForest and lakes, walk and cycle trailsSelf-contained chalets, large caravan and campsites, free gas BBQs, 5-star toilets, friendly kangaroos.
WA WildernessWarren National Park near PembertonCamping in a National Park, set up for convenience.
Yeagarup HutSouth West edge of Australia, D’Entrecasteaux NPUnique private campground, 4WD accessible, great for groups, families, functions.
Drafty’s Campsite – Warren NPOld-growth Karri/Marri forest, Warren RiverUndercover camp kitchen with gas BBQs, surrounded by natural beauty.
Grass Tree Hollow – Carey BrookD’Entrecasteaux National ParkSeven tent sites, surrounded by Grass Trees & Jarrah forest.
Big Brook Arboretum CampgroundDog-friendly campground in an ArboretumSurrounded by native and exotic trees.
Snottygobble Loop – Carey BrookD’Entrecasteaux National ParkEleven tent sites, surrounded by Snottygobble and Jarrah trees.
Warren Campsite – Warren NPOld-growth Karri/Marri forest, Warren RiverTranquil campsite with 6 tent sites.
Leaning Marri Campground – Lake YeagarupJarrah/Marri forest, Yeagarup Dunes and LakeSix tent campsites, including a large group campsite.


Discovering Pemberton’s Attraction Points

Here’s a glimpse of what you can experience:

Gloucester Tree

Gloucester Tree

No journey to Pemberton is truly complete without a visit to the Karri Forests, where you’ll find the magnificent Gloucester Tree. With an intriguing history as a fire lookout chosen by foresters in 1947, this retired fire lookout tree now offers an exciting adventure. Ascend its towering 53-meter height to the lookout structure, where awe-inspiring views of the surrounding karri forest and farmland unfold. It’s an absolute must-do for anyone exploring Pemberton.

Pemberton Mountain Bike Park

Pemberton Mountain Bike Park

For thrill-seekers and outdoor enthusiasts, the Pemberton Mountain Bike Park is a heart-pounding attraction nestled within the Southern Forests. Boasting trails catering to riders of all skill levels, from novice to advanced, this park promises an exhilarating experience amidst the grandeur of Karri and Jarrah forests. Its purpose-built network of trails ensures an adventure-packed ride through the captivating wilderness, making it an essential destination for mountain biking enthusiasts in Pemberton.

Pemberton Swimming Pool

Pemberton Swimming Pool

Steeped in history, this charming swimming pool has been a beloved haven since its construction in the late 1920s, originally intended to offer respite to the families of hardworking timber laborers. Over the years, it has retained its iconic status, warmly welcoming generations of both locals and tourists. Even if you’re not taking a dip, the sight of towering Karri trees framing the pool creates a picturesque ambiance. The pool area provides ample space for picnics and barbecues, making it an ideal spot to unwind. During the summer months, live music events often enliven the atmosphere, rendering it a must-visit destination for a leisurely day out in Pemberton.

Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree

Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree

The Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree proudly stands as the taller of the two accessible fire lookout trees in the Pemberton region. Originating in 1988 during Australia’s bicentennial celebrations, this majestic giant was originally designed for adventurous climbers and nature enthusiasts. Today, it remains a favored tourist attraction within Warren National Park.

Pemberton Tramway

Pemberton Tramway

Embark on a scenic adventure in Pemberton by boarding the diesel trams operated by the Pemberton Tramway Company. These trams follow the tracks of a former government railway and venture deep into the heart of the magnificent Karri Forest. As you journey, you’ll cross charming wooden trestle bridges over the meandering Warren River and babbling streams, eventually arriving at the tranquil beauty of the Cascades Waterfalls, a Pemberton gem. This experience seamlessly combines history, nature, and scenic wonder, cementing its status as a must-do activity in Pemberton.

Old Vasse Trout & Marron Farm

Old Vasse Trout & Marron Farm

At the Old Vasse Trout & Marron Farm on the edge of the Warren National Park, angling enthusiasts can try their hand at catching Rainbow Trout (and possibly marron). The ‘catch and keep’ philosophy allows visitors of all skill levels to enjoy the experience. Relax in the picturesque surroundings after a successful catch. Fish you catch can be taken home.

Lavender and Berry Farm

Lavender and Berry Farm

The Pemberton Lavender & Berry Farm is a haven for those with a sweet tooth. Delight in berry pancakes, homemade ice cream in nine flavors, scones, tea, and coffee. The farm’s scenic property is equipped with picnic tables and a children’s playground. Browse the farm’s gift shop, stocked with lavender-scented candles and berry jams. Don’t forget to say hello to the farm animals, including alpacas that you can hand-feed.

Donnelly River Cruise

Donnelly River Cruise

Explore the diverse landscape of the Donnelly River, which meanders through jarrah forests, paperbark trees, and wetlands. Join a daily Donnelly River Cruise to gain insights into the area’s geology, flora, and fauna. Additionally, enjoy Peter’s homemade muffins during morning tea. At the river’s mouth, you can disembark and stroll along secluded white beaches, often devoid of crowds except for a few locals trying their luck at beach fishing.

Beedelup Falls

Big Brook Dam

Located within the Greater Beedelup National Park, the majestic Beedelup Falls consist of a series of rocky cascades best viewed during full flow after winter rains. Access them by walking along a trail from RAC Karri Valley Resort. Cross a suspension bridge over Beedelup Brook to reach a lookout with spectacular views of the falls and the distant resort. For a more challenging hike, opt for the 4.5km Beedelup Falls Loop, which takes you through karri forest, the Walk-Through-Tree, RAC Karri Valley Resort, and makes a stop at Waterfall Dam, the tranquil lake into which the falls flow.

Australia’s First Truffle Liqueur

Australia's First Truffle Liqueur

Visit Mountford Winery, in collaboration with Pottinger Truffles, where Australia’s inaugural truffle liqueur was unveiled at Manjimup’s Truffle Kerfuffle festival in 2018. This liqueur is tailored to introduce newcomers to the unique aroma and taste of black truffles. Pop into Mountford’s cellar door for a tasting session.

Warren River

Warren River

Depending on the season, a paddle down the Warren River can be a serene, calm experience or an adventurous white-water rafting adventure. Winding through Manjimup and Pemberton, the river begins in the dense karri forest and later opens into open woodland and vegetated sand dunes. Access the river via the canoe launch steps at Drafty’s Campsite or Warren Campground. Given the presence of granite outcrops, snags, and other obstructions along the way, prior canoeing or kayaking experience is recommended.

Big Brook Dam

Big Brook Dam

This dam, constructed in 1986 to supplement Pemberton’s water supply, has become a favorite recreational destination for locals and tourists. It offers ideal settings for a barbecue, picnic, walk, fishing, and, weather permitting, swimming. Nearby, the Big Brook Arboretum provides a campsite suitable for tents, caravans, and camper

Perth to Pemberton: 4 Days’ Plan

Day One: Perth to Collie (198 kilometers)

Start your adventure by heading south from Perth on the South Western Highway.

Begin your journey in the heritage-listed town of Jarrahdale, known for its beautiful bushwalks and historical charm.

Continue to Serpentine Falls and Serpentine Dam for a scenic picnic amid the falls and lush forest.

Consider exploring Serpentine National Park or indulging in wine tasting at the award-winning Millbrook Winery.

Journey further south to Dwellingup, a charming town famous for its nature reserves, kayak trails, and hiking tracks.

Dwellingup is one of the towns along the Bibbulmun Track, providing an opportunity to complete a section of this renowned trail.

Finally, reach Collie, where you can choose from a variety of activities, including swimming holes, mountain biking trails, nature walks, and local dining options.

Spend the night at a local campground, chalet, or holiday park in Collie.

Day Two: Collie to Pemberton

Begin your second day in Collie and head south to Donnybrook, known as the ‘apple capital of WA.’ Enjoy fresh produce and, during the harvest season (March to May), visit a local orchard for fruit-picking.

Continue your journey, passing through the small town of Boyup Brook, where you can explore homemade crafts at the visitor center if time allows.

Proceed to Bridgetown, a Heritage-listed town situated on the banks of the Blackwood River. Explore scenic walking trails and quirky shops on the main street. Don’t miss a visit to the old-school Bridgetown Bakery for a delicious bite to eat.

Return to the South Western Highway and make your way to Manjimup, known for its ancient jarrah trees and as the largest producer of black Perigord truffles in the Southern Hemisphere. Visit the Truffle & Wine Co for a truffle tasting or a light lunch.

En route to Pemberton, make a stop at the Diamond Tree, a 51-meter-tall karri tree that played a significant role in the region’s bushfire safety plan. Although climbing the tree is no longer allowed, a walking trail and picnic area offer beautiful views of the tree from below.

Complete your day with a short drive to Pemberton, famous for towering trees, mountain bike trails adorned with wildflowers in spring, and picturesque rivers, lakes, waterfalls, and dams. Enjoy an evening stroll and consider staying at one of the town’s cozy accommodation options.

Day Three: Pemberton to Busselton (140 kilometers)

Start your day by traveling south to the charming town of Northcliffe, an excellent base for exploring three of the Southern Forests’ national parks. Enjoy scenic views of Point D’Entrecasteaux, try salmon fishing at Cathedral Rock, or take a walk to experience the beauty of Lane Poole Falls.

On your way back towards Pemberton, make a stop in Margaret River for a day filled with wine tastings (ensure you have a designated driver), cave tours, beach walks, and scenic drives. The town offers numerous walking trails, including the Ten Mile Brook Trail, the Margaret River Heritage Trail, and a section of the famous Cape to Cape track.

Continue your journey to Yallingup, where you can visit Yallingup Wood Fired Bread and purchase a fresh loaf of bread (the freshest loaves are usually ready at 3:30 pm).

As the day ends, head to one of Yallingup’s beautiful beaches to witness the sunset and spend the night at one of the town’s beachfront accommodation options.

Day Four: Busselton to Perth

Start your day early with a visit to the Injidup Natural Spa, Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse, or Ngilgi Cave before heading north.

Your next destination is Busselton, a family-friendly holiday spot offering opportunities for bushwalking, cycling, swimming, birdwatching, and snorkeling. Don’t forget to take a leisurely stroll down the Busselton Jetty to stretch your legs.

Continue your journey north to Bunbury, where you can visit the Dolphin Discovery Centre, explore the tranquil Leschenault Inlet, and appreciate the Bunbury Regional Art Gallery.

Head further inland to the Ferguson Valley, known for its local wineries, the quirky Gnomesville, King Jarrah Tree, and an incredible homestyle bakery in Dardanup (open Wednesday to Sunday).

On your way back to Perth, make a stop at Yalgorup National Park to view the remarkable Lake Clifton Thrombolites, a unique natural phenomenon.

Enjoy an afternoon stroll in the seaside town of Mandurah. Dolphin Quay at the Mandurah Ocean Marina is an excellent spot for a meal or a dip in the shallow swimming beach. If you happen to visit on a Sunday, the weekly farmers’ market at the quay is a notable highlight.

This road trip offers a diverse range of experiences, from natural wonders to cultural attractions and delicious local produce. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a foodie, or a history buff, this journey from Perth to Pemberton has something to offer every traveler. So, pack your bags, fuel up your car, and get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure through Western Australia’s southwestern treasures.

Best Dishes to Try on Road Trip from Perth to Pemberton:

PerthFish and ChipsEnjoy fresh seafood with a side of crispy fries at one of Perth’s many waterfront eateries.
CollieLocal PiesCollie is known for its delicious pies, including traditional beef and mushroom pies.
DonnybrookApples and CiderDonnybrook is famous for its apples, so try some fresh apples or local apple cider.
BridgetownGourmet CheeseVisit a local cheese factory to sample a variety of gourmet cheeses, often paired with wine.
ManjimupTruffle DishesManjimup is a truffle hotspot, so indulge in truffle-infused dishes like truffle fries or truffle risotto.
PembertonForest Berry DessertsTry desserts featuring forest berries, a local specialty, often found in pies, tarts, or ice cream.
NorthcliffeFresh SeafoodEnjoy fresh seafood caught along the coastline, such as locally sourced fish and prawns.
Margaret RiverWine and ChocolateMargaret River is renowned for its wineries and chocolate factories, so taste both wine and chocolates in the area.
YallingupWood-Fired BreadVisit Yallingup Wood Fired Bread for fresh, artisanal bread, perfect for a picnic on the beach.
BusseltonSeafood PlatterSavor a seafood platter with prawns, oysters, and other fresh catches at a local seafood restaurant.
BunburyFish TacosTry delicious fish tacos featuring locally caught fish in this coastal town.
Ferguson ValleyLocal WinesExplore the wineries in the Ferguson Valley and sample unique wines crafted in this region.
Yalgorup National ParkPicnic LunchPack a picnic with local produce and enjoy it in the picturesque surroundings of the national park.
MandurahFish and ChipsWrap up your road trip with another serving of fish and chips in the scenic coastal town of Mandurah.


Best Time: Perth to Pemberton

The best times of the year to drive from Perth to Pemberton are generally during the following periods:

January to May:

This is considered a great time for a road trip to Pemberton. During these months, you can expect comfortable weather with warm temperatures. It’s an ideal time for outdoor activities, exploring nature, and enjoying the lush landscapes.

October to December:

The period from October to December is another excellent choice. The weather is pleasant, and you can experience the beauty of spring and early summer in the Pemberton region. This is a good time for outdoor adventures and sightseeing.

Keep in mind that the specific time within these ranges may offer slightly different experiences. For instance, February is the warmest month with an average temperature of around 26°C, making it suitable for those who prefer the heat. On the other hand, July is cooler with temperatures around 15°C, which can be appealing to travelers who enjoy milder weather.


Perth to Pemberton, Western Australia

Pemberton is a hidden gem that offers travelers a journey through nature’s finest artwork. The town’s history is closely intertwined with the timber industry, which shaped the region. Pemberton was a hub for timber milling in the early 20th century, with preserved sawmills and historic structures.

The local culture celebrates the hardworking spirit of early settlers, with the Timber Museum providing insight into this fascinating history. The best time to visit Pemberton is during spring and autumn, with wildflowers and karri trees in full bloom.

The Karri Forest is a haven for birdwatchers, with native birds like the red-tailed black cockatoo and fairy wren. Wildlife enthusiasts can observe kangaroos, wallabies, and possums at the nearby Yarri Wildlife Sanctuary.

Local communities play a vital role in preserving the natural beauty of the area, actively engaging in conservation efforts. Pemberton takes sustainability and conservation seriously, encouraging responsible tourism practices such as staying on designated trails, avoiding littering, and respecting the natural environment.


How much fuel do you spend from Perth to Pemberton?

The fuel consumption can vary based on your vehicle. Please check your specific vehicle’s fuel efficiency for a more accurate estimate.

How many kilometers from Pemberton to Perth?

The distance from Pemberton to Perth is approximately 324.6 kilometers.

What is the distance from Busselton to Pemberton?

The distance from Busselton to Pemberton is approximately 109 kilometers.

What is the distance from Bunbury to Pemberton?

The distance from Bunbury to Pemberton is approximately 161.5 kilometers.

What is the distance from Yellingup to Perth?

The distance from Yellingup to Perth is approximately 256.3 kilometers.

Where can I find caravans in Perth?

Caravans in Perth can be found at various dealerships and sales outlets. Check out camper caravans for sale in Perth, including Trail Caravans and premium caravan options with Sunshine Trail.

Are there camper vans for sale in Perth?

Yes, there are camper vans for sale in Perth. Explore Sunshine Trail to find the camper van that suits your preferences.

Are there caravans for sale in WA?

Yes, there are caravans for sale in WA, Sunshine Trail. You can also check with local dealerships and online platforms for a variety of caravan and camper options.

Where can I find caravan and campers for sale?

Caravan and campers for sale can be found at Sunshine Trail in Perth and throughout WA. Explore different options based on your preferences and needs.

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