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Hybrid & Pop Top Caravans

Travel in comfort and style with our premium caravans. Made for today’s explorer. Whether you’re a pro or a first-timer. Our premium caravan sales line-up has something for everyone. Promising a luxury travel experience.

Caravans for Every Travelers

Hard Tops: Enjoy the best hard top caravan Brisbane for sturdy travel and unmatched safety and comfort. Engineered to withstand the rough terrains. These hard top caravans redefine on-the-road toughness. Whether you’re in Brisbane, Perth or beyond, Sunshine Trail’s Hard Top Caravans are your trusty companions for every journey.

Pop Tops: Pop top Caravans Perth’s top choice for cozy travels with compact design and space. Our Pop Top Caravans are ideal for those wanting ease of towing. Pop Top Caravans promise comfort on your travels, especially in the picturesque caravan parks around Perth, Brisbane, Victoria, and the all-around Australian outback.

Quality Hybrid Caravan: Get the best of both worlds. Our quality Hybrid Caravan combines hard-top strength with pop-top flexibility. Designed for those who seek both comfort and off-road power. Our Hybrid Caravans are your ticket to unlimited travelling.

Check out our best budget-friendly caravan and camping sales. Choose from a range of Hard Top, Pop Top, and Quality Hybrid Caravans today.

Tough Caravans For Rough Roads

Rough terrain needs tough wheels.

So, if you want a super sturdy caravan, go for the Hard Top. If you want something flexible, try the Pop Top. And if you want the best of both worlds, our Hybrid Caravans are the way to go.

Travel Comfort Redefined

Sunshine Trail premium Caravans ensure a comfortable journey with rich features and added caravan accessories. Every Sunshine Trail Caravan is furnished with all of the homely facilities.

  • Ample sleeping space.
  • Sunroof for a bright interior.
  • Slide-out kitchen with stainless steel setup.
  • Caravan air conditioner for climate control.
  • Water system with a high-volume electric pump.
  • Awning for outdoor relaxation and pantry slider.
  • Washroom with basin, toilet, and premium shower.
  • Fridge, water heater, and a 22-inch HDTV for entertainment.

Interior Excellence

Sunshine Trail Caravans are designed for your comfort:

  • Premium lounge with leatherette seating.
  • Adjustable dining table for comfy meals.
  • Front fridge slide compartment for easy access.
  • Utility draws and cupboard for organized storage.
  • Integrated 4-speaker entertainment system with CD/DVD/USB & Bluetooth.

Built to Last

Your safety is our priority. Our flagship Premium Caravans have a sturdy structure and are built for long life:

  • Off-road tyres for rough terrain.
  • Underbody protection for added durability.
  • Gas bottle holders and an emergency breakaway system for safety.
  • Fully galvanized & welded drawbar and chassis with a lifetime warranty.

Enjoy Nature, Unplug, & Reconnect

Are you longing for the freedom of the open road and tranquility of caravan parks?

Picture yourself waking up to waves at the beaches of the Sunshine Coast or the singing birds at caravan parks sunshine coast. Or enjoying a meal surrounded by nature in caravan parks Perth.

Don’t just dream – make it a reality with Sunshine Trail Caravans. Explore breathtaking caravan parks near me with Sunshine Trail Caravans. Our premium caravans make exploring nature super comfy and exciting.

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Nature and caravan park is best explored and enjoyed in the comfort of a Sunshine Trails caravan. Unplug from the chaos and reconnect with nature and self.

Find Your Dream Caravan Now!