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Sunshine offers fully furnished caravans to make your road trips more manageable and comfortable. We offer the best Camping caravan, to make you feel at home as you travel. We equipped the caravan with a fridge, TV, speaker and centralized air conditioning. Apart from travel you can also eat, sleep, party and spend all your time with your loved ones anywhere on the go.

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Caravans: Your Ticket to Nature's Wonders

Sunshine offers finest quality hybrid caravans in Australia

Where do new ideas originate? The answer is simple: differences.

Leading the class in storage solutions, our caravans facilitate extended trips away from home. Each caravan is meticulously crafted and quality assured by our "adventure engineers," ensuring readiness for any outback journey. Designed for durability and comfort, our hybrid caravans offer unparalleled value in the Australian market.


Our Story: Sunshine Trail hybrid caravans are built tough to withstand the harshest climate Australia can throw at them. Utilizing state of the art composite materials and high quality fittings they are built tough with comfort in mind. These cleverly designed hybrid caravans offer the very best value on the Australian market.

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Secure your dream caravan now!

Sunshine embodies the spirit of adventure, offering premium off-road caravans, custom crafts, and boats to ignite your wanderlust. Our commitment to quality and style ensures every journey is filled with excitement and comfort.

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Explore New Horizons

Discover untouched landscapes and vibrant cultures. Every trip becomes a story worth telling.

Journey with Joy

Turn every road trip into a memorable adventure. Enjoy the thrill of the journey and create lasting memories.

Comfort on the Move

Experience the freedom of travel with the comforts of home. Enjoy your own kitchen, bedroom, and living room on the go.

Kitchen on Wheels

Cook your favorite meals anywhere with our convenient kitchen facilities. Add a touch of home-cooked comfort to your adventures.

Home Away from Home

Relax in a spacious bedroom, cozy living room, and bathroom. Have everything you need for a comfortable journey.

Equipped Entertainment System

Stay connected and entertained with our advanced entertainment system. Work, relax with music, or watch your favorite movies on the go.

Secure your dream caravan now!

Take the first step by securing it now with a holding fee, and kickstart your adventure planning.