Buying Caravan in Australia

If you are a frequent traveler or explorer, you must know the value/worth of a Trail Caravan, but the question arises, do you ever think, what are the essential steps to be taken while buying caravan for a better and safe travel experience?

What is Caravan?

A caravan is mini motor home that travels with you where-ever you want to take it. It is a vehicle tow by a car and use for camping or travelling on holidays. Camper Caravan is an engine less mobile home while campervan contains powered engine. A trailer benefits in providing comfort, safe & peaceful sleep in more cozy and secure than a tent.

What are the Types of Caravan?

  • Conventional Caravans/Hard Top Caravan– contains rooms with all furniture and built-in equipment.
  • Fifth-Wheelers– much bigger & spacious than other and requires a larger vehicle to tow it like a truck.
  • Tent Trailer– can be towed by almost any car.
  • Camper Trailers– similar to tent trailer and popular in Australia.
  • Motorhomes– long trip vehicle having all amenities e.g. a kitchen, a fold-out dining set, etc.
  • Pop-top Caravans– similar to conventional caravan & its roof pop up and down.
  • Pop-out Caravans– especially for big families as having more space & additional beds.


Important/Essential Tips/Steps/Things to Buy a Caravan

In Australia, searching for, locating, and purchasing a caravan has never been simpler or easier. Buying a caravan will be one of your most important life purchases, you shouldn’t take it lightly. Numerous factors need to be taken into account, including the size of the caravan, the proper price, and the kind of caravan that is best for you.

Following are top suggestions to make buying caravans in Perth easier with Sunshine Trails:

Set a Budget/Cost

You must establish a budget before you going to buy the caravan of your dream travelling or outing. Realistically, you must take a serious look to the purchase price and ongoing expenses. Each has a different purchase budget, and it all depends on your financial condition. We advise you to get a free consultancy with us and then decide whether you need a loan or payment plans, unless you have been saving and planning for this moment for a very long time. These expenses include registration fees, insurance premiums, gasoline, upkeep and repair costs, storage charges, costs associated with using generators, and modification expenditures.


Select the Type of Caravan

It is always best to have a plan of your journeys and its requirements before buying any caravan. Better to think for a long time plan with future predictions. It will help you selecting the right choice of caravan for your desired need. Caravan consideration would include size, comfort, layout, long term benefit, reliability, warrantee, specific features, durability, locations based, off-road capabilities, solar panel, rooms, beds, kitchen, general space, dimensions, inside racks, tent facilities and quality etc.

Capacity to Tow

Depending on the model, size, features (inside-out) and manufacturer, there are many types are available of caravans and camper trailers. The towing capability of your car determines how far you can travel with how much bearing weight to drag on road/track. In order to tow your caravan safely and to ensure that you comply all applicable legal requirements set forth by your state, it is crucial/necessary to take into consideration your vehicle’s towing capability.

Never buy and car or caravan with having a test drive to understand the features for upcoming future. When driving, keep the following in mind: How does the caravan feel when moving faster or slow? Can you effectively brake? How does it feel when you take a round at corner?


Is the Caravan Watertight?

Because water intrusion/infraction can result in significant or serious damage and be expensive to repair. It is crucial to ensure the caravan is watertight. The windows, the roof, any aerials or flues/duct, and the regions around the roof lights are the main things to examine. Take your time, be thorough, and make sure to inspect/check the rails, external locker, body corners, and road lights.

Open every cabinet and storage space inside the caravan, and check for any visible signs of moisture. Look for any signs of softness that would suggest water entry in the walls, under the sink, and on all cushions and mattresses. If the interior smells musty, be cautious. Search for indications of where the veneer or paper has been restored. Moisture levels can also be checked with a handheld damp meter.


Give a thorough look and keep the following points in mind:

  • Check the gas, electrics and facilities of caravan
  • Look for signs of corrosion
  • Look for leaks in the automatic transmission or brake components
  • Check the tread & tires
  • Look for condensation between the layers of double-glazed glass and rust around the screws.
  • Make sure all the doors and locks work properly so, that your caravan wouldn’t be left unprotected/unsafe.
  • Ask different questions about caravan features before buying
  • Have a look to online Reviews/Feedbacks
  • Inspect the Caravan, check every bit
  • Check Caravan’s Interior/furniture
  • What Time of Year Is Best to Buy
  • Where Will You Store Your Caravan
  • Any additional information to be known

Sunshine trails know the worth of your money guide you according to your need and travel requirement. For any query or question feel free to get out free consultancy. We offer the most comfortable premium caravans for your luxurious journey.


Choose Best, Choose Comfort!

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