Top 7 Exciting Weekend Getaways From Perth

romantic getaways Perth

Perth is a lively city in Western Australia. A weekend in Perth invites exploration of the city’s nearby cool places to take a break from the bustling city life.

In this guide, we’ll look at amazing places you can explore that are just a short drive away. Whether you like the beach, history, or just chilling out, there’s something for everyone.

If your heart yearns for temporary weekend getaways from the urban hustle, you’re in for a treat.

Let’s explore these 7 cool weekend getaways Perth. Each is a two-day adventure waiting to be explored.

Don’t forget! We’ve got a tip for comfortable travel at the end.

Following are the 7 cool weekend getaways from Perth


1. Lancelin


Distance from Perth126 km from Perth
Travel Time1hr 25m – 1hr 40m
Accommodation options

Beach Hotels


Caravan Parks

Best time to visitSummer
Main Activities




Only 130 km north of Perth, Lancelin is a small town with big dunes. Lancelin beckons adventure enthusiasts with its small-town charm and vast dunes.

It is known for sandboarding and off-road escapades. The town offers a thrilling playground for those seeking an adrenaline rush. Paddleboard the sandy dunes, or ride the dunes with a 4WD or take a sandboarding tour to experience the adrenaline rush.

Beyond the adrenaline, Lancelin has some of Western Australia’s most pristine beaches. It invites visitors to relax in the crystal-clear waters. Perfect for swimming, surfing, and fishing. Lancelin accommodation options range from budget-friendly backpacker hostels to luxurious holiday homes.

2. Busselton


Distance from Perth222km from Perth
Travel Time2hr 25min
Best time to visitSummer
Accommodation options

Beachside caravan parks,



Main Activities

Underwater observatory,

Beaches and Wineries,

Ngilgi Cave,

Busselton Jetty

Drive 230 km south to Busselton for the longest wooden jetty in the southern hemisphere. Busselton is a mecca for beach lovers and history enthusiasts alike.

Enjoy the beaches, swim, and learn about the town’s history in its museums. Sip on local wines at intimate wineries nestled in the romantic getaways Perth hills.

The Busselton Foreshore offers a sun-soaked harbour for swimming and beachcombing. While museums and heritage sites provide a glimpse into the town’s rich past.

There’s a range of places to stay. From budget-friendly hostels to luxurious resorts and holiday homes, ensures a comfortable stay for all.

3. New Norcia

New Norcia

Distance from Perth126.1 km
Travel Time1 hr 32 min
Accommodation options




Campsites for Caravans, and RVs

Best time to visit

All year-round,

August and October are best for wildflower season

Main Activities

Australia’s only monastic town,

Heritage buildings,

Museum and Art Gallery,

Oak Park walk trail,

Elphin Nature Reserve

Plan your Perth getaways to the nearby places draped in history for an authentic experience. Travel back in time to a town founded by Spanish Benedictine monks in 1847.

New Norcia, just 132 km north of Perth, is a historical treasure trove. Explore 19th-century churches with stained glass windows that tell stories of culture and religion.

Though accommodation options are limited, the rich history and cultural allure of New Norcia make it a day trip to remember.

4. Margaret River

Margaret River

Distance from Perth270km from Perth
Travel Time3hr
Accommodation options

Beautiful chalet in a forest,

Guest Suites

Best time to visitAny time of year
Main Activities


beautiful coastline,

ancient caves,

tranquil forest retreats,



surf beaches

Longing for a romantic getaways Perth. Escape to a world 270 km south of Perth, where the air is tinged with romance and the landscape whispers tales of adventure.

Margaret River is renowned for its beautiful beaches and world-class wineries. It is a retreat for those seeking a perfect blend of relaxation and excitement.

From wine tasting in lush vineyards to stand-up paddleboarding on crystal-clear waters, every moment is a masterpiece in Margaret River. There are fancy resorts, cozy bed and breakfasts, or caravan parks if you’re into camping.

5. Pinnacles Desert

Pinnacles Desert

Distance from Perth188.2 km
Travel Time2 hr 5 min
Accommodation options

Campground with tent sites,

RV sites,

tent cabins for rent

Best time to visitEarly and late summer
Main Activities

Nambung National Park,

Koalas and Sandboarding 4WD Day Tour

For exciting weekend trips from Perth, drive 190 km north to the Pinnacles Desert. The Pinnacles Desert has unique limestone rocks. This unique formation of limestone pillars has been shaped over millions of years.

This destination invites self-guided walks and scenic drives. Stay in nearby towns like Cervantes or Jurien Bay.

6. Yanchep National Park

Yanchep National Park

Distance from Perth56.3 km
Travel Time53 min
Accommodation options


Yanchep Caravan Parks

Best time to visitSummer (December to February)
Main ActivitiesSwimming and snorkelling in Yanchep Lagoon

Escape the urban humdrum to Yanchep National Park, a nature lover’s paradise. Just 50 km north, Yanchep National Park is a cool day trip.

Marvel at the Crystal Cave’s stunning formations. Go on guided tours. Enjoy picnics by the tranquil lake, surrounded by kangaroos, koalas, and native birds.

With amenities such as picnic areas, BBQ facilities, and a café, the park offers a perfect blend of relaxation and outdoor exploration.

Nearby accommodation options include holiday homes, caravans parks, and camping grounds, making it convenient for those who travel in a caravan seeking an extended nature retreat.

7. Wave Rock and Hyden

Wave Rock and Hyden

Distance from Perth330km from Perth
Travel Time3hr 45min
Accommodation options

Wave Rock Resort/Caravan Park,

Country Cottages

Best time to visitSpring
Main Activities

Wave Rock,

Hippo’s Yawn,

Aboriginal Rock Art in Mulka’s Cave,

Wildlife Park

A 330 km drive takes you to Wave Rock and Hyden. See the iconic Wave Rock, and ancient Aboriginal art, and check out a wildlife park.

Marvel at the iconic Wave Rock. Witness ancient Aboriginal rock art in Mulka’s Cave. Explore a wildlife park. Hyden offers a blend of history and community, with artwork celebrating the town’s heritage.

There are different places to stay, like cabins by Wave Rock or cozy cottages.

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