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Are you thinking of travelling in Australia especially in a camper van or caravan? Usually travelers think of Australia’s hot temperature but in reality, one must consider the harshness of Australia’s cold weather.

Before reading this article, “Sunshine Trails” wants you to think of diesel heater for caravan Australia or about diesel heaters for caravans. As we are going to discuss about the features and characteristics of camper vans’ heaters so, get ready to choose the best caravan heater. 

Diesel heater is the best solution for keeping the temperature of caravan stable and warm. Let us explore what size diesel heater for a caravan or camper is best to choose? Remember, if you have small van then 2kW diesel heater will suit you whereas for larger vans over 21-24 ft long 5kW diesel heater is better option.

there are two suggestion we want to give you one is to switch the air conditioning unit onto hot and most working tip for caravan heating is to have a diesel heater. Diesel heater will run on solar powered battery and a small tank of diesel.

Guide to What Size Diesel Heater for My Caravan is Best?

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We always recommend you either you are looking for australian made diesel heater for caravan or best chinese diesel heater for caravan must check authentic diesel heaters for caravans reviews. Look for genuine selling business having feedbacks or a proper guide to what size diesel heater for caravan.

Sunshine Trails is your trusted partner to guide for diesel heaters for caravans. Whether you’re seeking a reliable diesel heater for sale, exploring reviews to find your perfect match, or determining the ideal size for your caravan, we have you covered. Say goodbye to cold nights and embrace the warmth – the ideal diesel heating solution for your caravan, all while ensuring competitive prices and excellent service.

Ok… So, what size diesel heater do you need for your caravan? In this caravan heater guide, we provide a simple breakdown of the sizes based on the length of vehicle.

What Size Diesel Heater for Caravan is Ideal?

Ultimate Guide to the Best Diesel Caravan Heater Australia!

The most important factor to take into account while trying to heat or cool an area is its size. Additionally, rather of fumbling with complex calculations for cubic capacity, you may use the length of the vehicle as a basic size guideline for a diesel heater because most trailers are approximately 2.2 meters wide.

In Australia, the three most common heater sizes are 2kW, 2.2kW, and 5kW. The heater will obviously need to be more powerful to heat the space effectively the longer your trailer.

Choosing the right heater for your automobile is essential. A heater that is too tiny could find it difficult to heat the space, and since it is exerting so much effort, it might create some noise. Huge heaters may either struggle to maintain the desired temperature and run at a very low volume, which can result in carbon buildup and more maintenance, or they may often cycle on and off.

These diesel heater sizes are suggested based on the length of your caravan.

If we say 2kw diesel heaters for caravans vs 5kw diesel heater for caravan, Diesel heater size based on caravan length:

Diesel Heater Size

ü  2kW

ü  2.2kW

ü  5kW

Caravan Length

ü  Up to 21 feet

ü  21 to 24 feet

ü  24 feet +

The caravan length in Australia is 19 feet, so you might go for 2kW diesel heater. In case, your caravan is flat floor camper, pop up or having lots of canvas, you should select 2.2kW heater instead as the heat will be gone faster.

Sometimes guides will show up the heater’s output range as 850kW/2000kW instead of flat and simple numbers like 5kW or 2kW. If the situation comes in that’s way for selecting diesel heater, go for the second number on the range which shows maximum output of heater.

The heater’s weight and size are unimportant, but you must consider where to place it in the caravan based on the available space. Even if a large heater has excellent evaluations and the right kW capacity for your car, it won’t help you if you don’t have the space for it. 5kW heaters are larger than 2kW heaters, as one might anticipate.

Diesel heaters may be placed almost anywhere in a caravan, but since they need to be connected to the fuel tank, it’s best to put them up front if at all feasible.

The 5kW diesel heater is ideal for bigger caravans and vans with canvas, which will let the heat out more quickly, when choosing between a 2kW and a 5kW diesel heater for a camper or caravan. The 2kW will work well and be simpler to provide a consistent heat in smaller vehicles. Keep in mind that the 2kW will frequently operated at full power, which will increase noise levels and fuel consumption. You will need to periodically run the 5kW on high to burn off any carbon build-up because it will be operated mostly on low.

The 5kW camper heater makes the place cozy and heat up pretty quickly. Which may be more than enough is smaller vans unless you need it in freezing temperature or have a space to allow escaping un-wanted heat.

How Does a Diesel Heater Work?

A diesel heater is a plastic-encased appliance that is put inside your camper or caravan and emits hot air. The diesel heater unit is often stored under the bed or behind the dinette chairs so that it is out of the way.

An intake pipe that pulls in cold air will be located on one end of the appliance. The air is then heated as it travels through the combustion chamber. Finally, a fan will be used to force the hot air out the other end of the appliance, where it will then blow into the caravan and heat your area.

Where do you put a diesel heater in a caravan?

The most common location to put a caravan diesel heater is underneath the bed. In order to maximize the heater’s performance, place it next to an exterior wall and away from draughts. Choose a location in the caravan that allows for simple access and, moreover, one that doesn’t obstruct the arrangement of the furniture or other items in your caravan.

It will quick and more efficient to connect the heater if it places close to an existing power supply. Make sure there is enough airflow around the appliance for it to operate correctly, and make sure no crucial vents are blocked.

2kW or 5kW Diesel Heater Running Difference:

2kW and 5kW diesel heaters for caravans are crafted with precision and care, ensuring optimal warmth during your adventures. Wondering about the best diesel heater for your caravan?

The length of your caravan will determine whether you should choose a 2kW or 5kW diesel heater. For vehicles 21 feet or shorter, a 2kW heater will do, and for caravans 24 feet or longer, a 5kW heater will work best.

The 2kW diesel heater is unquestionably less powerful than the 5kW. However, size is not necessarily a good thing. Unless it is the best option for your setup.

It’s important to keep in mind that diesel heaters will develop a carbon buildup if they are continuously used on low. To burn off any buildup, you will occasionally need to run the 5kW heater on high even if you select it for a smaller room and discover that you never need to crank it up.

Consider the following operating changes between 2kW and 5kW.

2kW Diesel Heater:

  • Less powerful capacity than the 5kW.
  • Better and considerable option for smaller caravans and campers.
  • Comfortable temperature as compared to high, fast heat of the 5kW.
  • Easier to maintain heat.
  • Will be run on high, so no worries about carbon build-up.
  • Running it on high means you’ll go through more diesel.

5kW Diesel Heater:

  • Usually only needs to run on low due to its power.
  • Harder to maintain a comfortable temperature as it is sometimes too powerful for small spaces.
  • It needs to run on high as to burn off the carbon build-up.
  • Running it on low depicts less fuel used and less noise in the campground.
  • Option to check up on sub-zero temperatures.

Diesel Heater Safety

Are caravan diesel heaters safe?

Running diesel heaters is really safe. Actually, the heating unit, which is located within the camper or caravan, should never get hot to the touch. Due to the intense heat, you won’t have to worry about the safety of anything placed too close to the device.

You shouldn’t be breathing any diesel odors inside the motorhome if the diesel heater is setup correctly. However, if you do detect a faint odor of exhaust, it’s probably because the wind has changed outside and is forcing exhaust fumes from other vehicles into a vent in your caravan.

It’s a good thing to have a carbon monoxide alarm in your trailer even if utilizing diesel heaters won’t put you at danger for carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide poisoning occurs when there is an excessive amount of the gas in the air, as might occur in caravans that are sealed up and have poor ventilation.

Since they have a purpose, the fundamental air vents in the caravan should always be left open and unblocked. Although it may be tempting to cover the vents when it’s really chilly outside, doing so would compromise the quality of the air within the trailer.


Finding the finest diesel heater for caravan Australia is essential, especially if you feel the cold in chilly mornings and evenings. Discover the freedom of efficient and cozy living with portable diesel heaters for caravan. Designed to accompany you on your journeys as portable diesel heater for caravan provides warmth.

Diesel heaters for caravans for sale anywhere online, including retail camping stores, eBay, Amazon, and Alibaba. Prices for caravan diesel heating can vary. Else of price and where the caravan diesel heaters for sale online we always suggest to go for diesel heaters for caravans review to choose best. In many areas of Australia, cost of diesel heater for caravan can be different and highly depended on several features let’s say diesel heaters for caravans perth can vary from Queensland.

Dimensions of diesel air heaters are at the size of a shoebox. Most are install under the main bed of the caravan. It’s a best location for your heater as the diesel heater fuel tank can be mounted on the drawbar.

A diesel heater installation is best in internal premises of the caravan as wiring is clearly attach and switches/controllers are placed within the reach. The recommended distance for diesel heater tank location is about a metre from the heater.

Weight is an important part for diesel heater as also dependent on the size of caravan and location how you fix the diesel heater with what dimensions. Especially it matters when choosing a diesel air heater for your caravan. Best caravan diesel heater for sale in Australia are lightweight.

Sunshine Trails being best caravan provider in Australia aims to provide you best and comprehensive guide to choose diesel heaters according to your camping need and location. Tap to our website and explore our caravan options.

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