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Caravans: Pop Top vs Hard Top, What to Choose?

Pop Top vs Hard Top caravan

Choosing the right caravan for your memorable Australian adventure can be a tough choice. But, the simple answer is always look for your ease and comfortability. The universe of caravans, camper vans or trailers is pretty vast as based of designs and features. Two options one can consider if looking for caravans, pop top and hard top caravans. Both are small but enrich with comfort like home.

So, now you must be wondering, what is poptop caravan? What is hard top caravan? How they both are different than each other? What to choose between hard top or poptop caravans? Which is more beneficial and adventurous? Ok!!!

We got you, in this blog post by Sunshine Trails, we are going to explore the difference between pop top and hard top caravan. Let’s analyze their pros and cons and you decide according to your likeness and comfortability.

Pop Top vs Hard Top: Choose Your Comfort Zone

Pop Top Caravans

A car is used to tow a small RV trailer known as a pop top caravan. On the road, the camper is compressed into a small container for simple transportation. The roof is raised when the vehicle is parked at the campsite to provide greater headroom or sleeping space.

The pull-out bunks and flexible partitions make it unique. In addition, most pop-top caravans contain a dinette, a small kitchen, and adequate storage. Some even include a space in pop top caravans with shower and toilet.

Pros of Pop Top Caravans

Below mentioned are the major benefits of pop top caravans:

  • Less wind resistance as of low travelling height.
  • Helps in improving stability when you tow with vehicles.
  • It offers great fuel economy.
  • Advantageous for people with low garage option.
  • They may be towed by a smaller, weaker vehicle because they are more compact than regular caravans.
  • They readily outperform the hard tops for ventilation and bringing breezes into the trailer when going through a hotter region.
  • They are a preferable choice because of their small stature if you plan to travel via off-track areas with hanging branches.
  • Pop tops are significantly less expensive than comparable hard top caravans.

Cons of Pop Top Caravans

Below mentioned are the few cons of pop-top caravans:

  • If not properly cared for, the cloth on the pop top’s walls may become worn-out or get damaged.
  • Even with the roof fully up, there is still a chance of bumping your head because the maximum headroom doesn’t extend the full length of the caravan.
  • The pop-top tent will be colder and more difficult to heat when camping in colder areas since heat will more readily escape through the fabric sides.
  • Before putting the caravan away, you must make sure the canvas is completely dry; otherwise, mould and mildew will develop and harm it.
  • There is very little to no soundproofing.

Hard Top Caravans

A hard top caravan is a typical trailer that is scaled down. It features a top that is completely enclosed and hard-shelled and neither folds out nor expands. A bedroom area, kitchen with stoves and refrigerators, eating area, storage, and bathroom are common features of hard tops.

Pros of Hard Top Caravans

Below mentioned are the advantages of hard top caravans:

  • Once you are at the campsite, you don’t need to set anything up. This makes it a fantastic choice for covert camping as well.
  • Enables you to transport large, cumbersome objects like bikes and boats on the roof.
  • Conventional trailers don’t have to worry about moisture because they are significantly more waterproof.
  • Because of the high ceiling, they typically have a lot more space and can fit more storage within.
  • Having solid walls provides additional privacy.
  • The temperature inside your car is independent of the outside conditions.

Cons of Hard Top Caravans

The disadvantages of hard-top caravans are listed below:

  • Due to their weight and wind resistance, pop tops use less fuel than they should.
  • Because of their elevated roofs, certain taller caravans might be difficult to manoeuvre, so you need to be especially cautious around low branches and low clearance locations.
  • Some cannot fit in a little garage.
  • You might need a bigger tow car depending on the size.


Definitely it is highly dependent on your choice, your comfort and your need. What are your basic requirements can lead you to the search for hard top caravan Brisbane or pop top caravans Perth or simply best caravans or pop top caravan for sale. We suggest, after reading this blog post, select according to your budget and plan for trip. Always check caravans in-person, ask questions about their features, durability and benefits in different places. Match your camping need.

Have a Happy Camping!

Apart from pop top caravans or hard top caravans, sunshine brings premium caravans option for you to explore nature with more ease and comfortability. Contact us now to get the detailed orientation regarding camping. Explore how home comfort is waiting for you at different places. Tap the links below and choose wisely. We are always up to guide you with best according to your needs and requirements.

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