Must-Have Caravan Accessories For Any Adventure

Caravan Accessories

Planning an Aussie road trip with your caravan?

Excellent choice!

Australia offers an array of picturesque landscapes and exciting adventures. But, to ensure your journey is smooth, comfortable, and hassle-free.

You need the right accessories for caravans.

So, when searching for the best caravan accessories online, it’s crucial to find the right gear for your caravan. In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through everything camping and caravanning you need for a great Aussie holiday.

Get ready to hit the open road!

Getting Started – 10 Basic Accessories for Caravans

1. Caravan Awnings and Screens

Caravan awnings and screens are like the superheroes of your road trip. They create a sheltered oasis for you to relax under. Here’s what you need:

  • Roll-out awning: The must-have accessory that provides shade and shelter.
  • Wall kit: Add walls to your awning for extra protection from wind and rain.
  • Anti-flap kits: Prevent flapping and ensure your awning stays put.
  • Awning wall: Extra walls create enclosed spaces, protecting you from the elements.

2. Caravan Annexes and Matting

Extend your living space with caravan annexes and matting:

  • Caravan annexes: Create a cozy room next to your caravan for dining or relaxing.
  • Annex matting: Soft lightweight caravan flooring for your annex, making it comfy & clean.

3. Caravan Battery Boxes

Keep the power flowing:

  • Caravan battery boxes: Secure and protect your batteries, ensuring a reliable power supply for your appliances.

4. Bike Racks

Ready to explore the surroundings?

  • Caravan bike racks allow you to take your bicycles with you. Now you can easily explore the nearby trails and attractions.

5. Caravan Shower Kits

Stay fresh and clean on the road with caravan shower kits. A quick and easy way to refresh after a day of adventure.

6. Sleeping Bags and Camping Mat

Rest is essential for an enjoyable journey:

  • Sleeping bags: Keep warm on chilly nights.
  • Camping mat: Cushion your sleep for a comfortable rest.

7. Freshwater Filters and Water Tanks

Stay hydrated with clean water. Equip your caravan with:

  • Freshwater filters: Ensure your water is free from impurities.
  • Water tanks: Store water for your journey, including grey water tanks and water hoses.

8. Caravan Kitchen Accessories & Picnic Tables

Food is a crucial part of your journey. Make sure you have:

  • Caravan Kitchen Accessories: Prepare delicious meals on the go.
  • Picnic Tables: Enjoy your meals outdoors in the heart of nature.

9. TV Antenna and Hot Water System

Stay entertained and comfortable:

  • TV antenna: Keep up with your favourite shows and news.
  • Hot water system: Enjoy warm showers and cozy evenings, regardless of the season.

10. Caravan Repair Kits and Safety Equipment

Be prepared for the unexpected:

  • Repair kits: Fix minor issues on the road.
  • Caravan step: Make getting in and out of your caravan easy.
  • First aid kits and fire extinguishers: Ensure safety in emergencies.
  • Reversing camera: Make parking and steering a breeze.
  • Air conditioner or gas heater: Stay comfortable, no matter the weather.
  • Portable toilets: A must-have for long journeys.

13 Must Have Caravan Accessories

1st. Clearview Towing Mirrors ─ Ensuring Safe Towing


Travelling in a caravan, Clearview Towing Mirrors are your safety allies on the open road.

These mirrors offer a complete replacement for your standard side mirrors and provide a wide view. The top mirror allows you to see down the sides of your caravan.

The smaller bottom convex mirror eliminates blind spots. Caravan parts and accessories are available in various sizes for your specific vehicle.

  1. Top mirror: Offers a wide view of the sides.
  2. Bottom convex mirror: Reduces blind spots for safer lane changes.
  3. Manually foldable: Convenient for parking.

2nd. Portable Fridge ─ Keep Food Fresh


A Portable Fridge is among the best caravan accessories to keep your food fresh.

The CFX3 by Dometic is a popular choice, offering adjustable cooling temperatures and user-friendly controls.

It’s lightweight, durable, and even has an integrated ice machine.

3rd. Compact UHF Radio ─ Stay Connected on the Road


Stay in the loop with a Compact UHF Radio.

The 5-watt TX3510S is a dependable choice, offering digital signal processing and dynamic volume control.

It’s compact, easy to install, and crucial for both communication and safety during your travels.

4th. LED Flood Lamp ─ Keep Campsite Well-Lit

LED Flood Lamp

A bright campsite is a safe campsite.

LED Flood Lamps provide ample illumination, are easy to install, and come in various wattages. Opt for a 10W light for low-level lighting.

They’re energy-efficient caravan gadgets and long-lasting, lasting up to 50,000 hours.

5th. Caravan Cover ─ Shield Your Caravan


To shield your caravan from the elements, a Caravan Cover is essential.

Choose a breathable and waterproof option to prevent moisture buildup. Ensure you measure your caravan’s length for a snug fit.

The Elements Caravan Cover is designed for specific caravan lengths.

6th. USB Charger ─ Keep Your Devices Charged


A USB Charger is a modern caravan gear essential.

APL48S: A triple USB port charger with Smart IC. It detects your device and optimizes charging, reducing charging time and extending battery life. A work and play caravan allows you to combine business and leisure, making it an ideal choice for those who need flexibility in their travel.

7th. Parking Mat ─ Precision Parking


A Parking Mat ensures you always park in the right spot. It’s easy to use, available in bright colours for visibility, and a handy tool for maintaining your caravan’s position at the campsite.

Yellow SPM001 is a reliable choice. User-friendly and easy to spot with its bright colours, this Parking Mat ensures precise parking every time.

8th. Deluxe Camping Chair ─ Relax in Comfort


Unwind in comfort after a day of adventure with folding camping chairs. A must-have for relaxation.

A Deluxe Camping Chair is a must for relaxation by the campfire. They come with various features, from armrests to drink holders, and even leg supports. Easy to transport and store.

9th. Navigator ─ Find Way with Ease


Navigating unfamiliar roads is a breeze with a high-quality Navigator.

Navigators are the most popular caravan accessories. The Hema HX-1 Navigator is your reliable companion for exploring Australia.

Whether you’re seeking low-cost camping sites, topographic maps, or safety features, this navigator has you covered. The Hema HX-1 Navigator offers turn-by-turn GPS navigation, alerts for school zones and speed cameras, and visual lane guidance.

The system is equipped with Camps 9, a guide to over 6,000 free campsites and parks across Australia. This means you have a wide array of low-cost camping options at your fingertips.

10th. Portable Camp Torch ─ Stay Well-Lit


Stay well-lit inside and outside your caravan with a Portable Camp Torch. Whether magnetic or battery-powered, they’re a reliable source of light.

The TomCat camp torch, with LED technology, is an excellent choice with an extended lifespan.

11th. 12V Cordless Kettle ─ Enjoy a Hot Cuppa Anywhere


Enjoy hot beverages on the go. A 12V Cordless Kettle is among the caravan must haves for a hot cup of tea or coffee on the go.

Plug it into your caravan’s cigarette lighter socket and enjoy a warm beverage anywhere. Safety features like overheat protection and auto shut-off provide peace of mind.

12th. Heavy Duty Caravan Coupling Lock ─ Keep Caravan Safe


This comes under the luxury caravan gadgets. A Heavy-Duty Caravan Coupling Lock is essential for keeping your caravan safe from theft.

Tow ball locks come in various sizes and designs.

Heavy-duty Tow ball locks variety with robust materials and padlocks are best for enhanced security.

13th. Vibration Dampening Material ─ A Quieter Interior


Vibration Dampening Material is among the must-have caravan interior accessories.

Vibration Dampening Materials create a quieter, more peaceful interior. Apply it inside your caravan to reduce noise.

Nitto Legetolex vibration-dampening material is lightweight and temperature-independent. It provides a consistent damping effect over a wide temperature range.

Bonus Options

Consider these additional products:

  1. Roll-out awning, caravan wall pockets kit, anti-flap kits: Enhance your outdoor space.
  2. Holding tanks and clothesline: Manage waste and laundry.
  3. Caravan levels and caravan washing machines: Ensure your caravan is level and your clothes are clean.
  4. Drinking water hose: Stay hydrated on your journey.
  5. Flooring mat: Keep your caravan clean and comfortable.
  6. Battery charger: Maintain your power supply.
  7. Camping furniture: Complete your setup for a comfortable trip.

Final Takeaway

With the right caravan gear, the Great Aussie caravans problems can be easily resolved. Ensure you have all the necessities on hand for the journey.

From safety and comfort to entertainment and convenience, these essential accessories are your keys to a memorable Aussie road trip.

Your adventure is only as good as the caravan and camping accessories you bring along.

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