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Picture yourself travelling through a new place with a clear path in front of you and your home in the rear-view mirror. Nothing is more enjoyable than being able to stop at a stunning location, open the side door, and prepare some coffee. There is a whole new degree of flexibility and spontaneity available when you can bring your kitchen, bathroom, and standards with you wherever you go.

Camper Van Life ─ Your Next Perfect Adventure!

Life in a camper van can be peaceful. A camper vacation is a real adventure guaranteed. It’s an unforgettable experience and a core memory.

When you’re in the driver’s seat, you have the chance to see both the “in-between” and your target towns. Driving on narrow roadways will allow you to see into the lives of the people you pass by, providing a richer, more genuine experience. You’ll learn to value leisurely travel and the loveliness of an unhurried day.

Living in a campervan might be your ideal next journey if the thought of going in one makes you giddy with wanderlust and your palms ache to be at the wheel.

The Necessary Me with My “Me-Time”

Every day, our lives become busy and congested. Everyone has a hectic schedule, a difficult work-life balance, long commutes, never-ending housework, and constant social media browsing that consume a lot of our mental and physical resources.

When our bodies and minds are constantly working, it feels overburdened and our batteries get drained which needs to be charged by nature and travel. We are prone to frustration and have limited control over our responses.

This is why it’s crucial to set aside some “me-time” so that you can “be yourself again.” to balance your physical, mental, and spiritual powers. ‘Me-time’ is embracing your “being”.

Healing Power of Nature

Why don’t we spend few time outside when it has so many positive effects on our health? The source is our contemporary manner of life. We shield our bodies from the planet. Nature is now something that many of us observe from the window.

Our busy minds need undisturbed “me” time as it allows them to get relax. Spending time in nature can help us relax when we’re feeling worn out by the demands of contemporary life.

The beautiful views, smells, and noises of the outdoors can motivate you when you spend time outside. Spending time outside can offer many minor pleasures, reviving us, such as the fresh air, the sun on our skin, and bare feet on the grass.

Best Bucket List Places to Visit in Australia

Australia is one of the most biologically varied nations in the world, making it a well-liked location for travel and exploration. Australia has more than 2000 tourist parks, offering a wide range of options.

Several of the caravan parks of today are environmentally friendly, situated on some of the greatest coastal or inland real estates in the nation, and have amenities that are on the verge of resort-level calibre.

1.     Discovery Parks – Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

There is a reason this park in Tasmania, near the Cradle Mountain Lake St. Clair National Park, is at the top of the list. One of the world’s most stunning and unspoiled environments, Cradle Mountain is a must-see for any traveller.

2.     Beachside Holiday Park – South Australia

A seaside resort town in South Australia’s Normanville. You can easily access one of South Australia’s most stunning beaches from Beachside Holiday Park.

3.     Esperance Bay Holiday Park – Western Australia

The beachside position of Esperance Bay Holiday Resort makes it the ideal destination for all ocean enthusiasts. The best location for fishing, diving, surfing, turquoise swimming, and other activities.

4.     Undara Experience – Queensland

The longest lava tube cave systems are found in the tropical Far North Queensland region’s Undara Volcanic National Park, a world-class geological wonder. The Savannah Way makes it simple to get to this caravan park, which puts you in the finest possible location for exploring.

5.     Ingenia Holidays Ulladulla, New South Wales

Three hours from Sydney, Ingenia Ulladulla is bordered by picturesque beaches, lakes, and villages. You may spend your vacation at the park taking advantage of all the activities available, including fishing, swimming, diving, surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, and more.

6.     The Great Ocean Road, Victoria

You will pass by some of Australia’s most breathtaking coastlines on this famous journey. This scenic journey provides ocean, cliff, and countryside vistas as it snakes its way along the untamed Southern Ocean. Throughout this journey, you will travel through many tiny communities with world-class trekking and biking paths, local animals, and surf breaks.

7.     Margaret River, Western Australia

Enjoy Margaret River’s neighbouring beaches and surf breaks while indulging in the artisan breweries, shops, and vineyards that encircle them. From Perth, this breathtaking area is only three hours away, and it offers a wide range of fun activities.

8.     Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Even though the island is tiny, visitors will find great animals, outdoor recreation, delicious cuisine, and wine there. There are many dirt roads, so you’ll need a vehicle that can manage them.

9.     Mornington Peninsula

The Mornington Peninsula is a must-see van life location in Victoria and is only 45 km from Melbourne, which is about an hour by car. What is the Mornington Peninsula waiting for? Lots of outdoor activities, clean air, free time, appetizing regional food, and top-notch wine.

10. Great Alpine Road, Victoria

Despite being the highest year-round usable paved road in Australia, The Great Alpine Road is renowned for much more. It travels past high mountain ranges, sprawling farms, and deep gorges. Enjoy the local cities, mighty mountains, beaches, and marvellous animals. Ride a bike, go trekking, fly fish, or go hang gliding while you indulge in enjoyable mountainside activities. Continue along this path to experience the diverse regional cities’ rich culinary and wine scenes.

Choose Comfort with Sunshine Trail

Make sure you select the ideal van for your requirements. A campervan is a practical and cheap mode of transportation.

Our selection of campervans and RVs at Sunshine Trail is ideal for travellers. All of our campervans come equipped with cosy beds, eating areas, and kitchenette facilities, while our RVs also include a bathroom and shower—a useful feature if you’re travelling alone. Additionally, all of our campervans are outfitted with everything you could need for on-the-go cooking.

Travelling Independently and Comfortably With Sunshine Trails

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