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The vibrant and cosmopolitan destination of Perth, the capital of Western Australia, offers the ideal fusion of breathtaking natural scenery, thriving urban life, and a thriving cultural scene. Perth is a haven for visitors looking for an unforgettable experience with its breathtaking beaches, picturesque river, and a variety of attractions. Cottesloe, Scarborough, and City Beach, among other spotless beaches in the city, draw sunbathers, surfers, and lovers of water sports from all over the world.

Perth offers a plethora of fishing opportunities for enthusiasts of all skill levels. With its stunning coastline, rivers, and estuaries, fishing spots Perth provides a perfect backdrop for anglers seeking an unforgettable fishing experience. Whether you’re a local angler or a visiting tourist, here are 19 of the best Perth fishing spots in that are worth visiting.

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Perth captivates visitors with its stunning natural beauty, cultural attractions, and abundant fishing spots. Whether you’re exploring the city’s urban delights, relaxing on its golden beaches, or casting a line into its bountiful waters, Perth offers an incredible blend of experiences that will leave you enchanted and wanting to come back for more.

Swan River:

Swan River 1

Fishing enthusiasts have the ideal opportunity on Australia’s Swan River. This beautiful waterway offers a wide variety of fish species to view and target. In its waters, anglers can catch flathead, mulloway, tailor, yellowfin bream, black bream, and herring.If you’re looking for a fishing jetty near me, the river is dotted with designated fishing platforms and jetties, ensuring accessibility for everyone. These species are frequently caught using fly fishing, lure fishing, and bait fishing.

The river’s estuarine environment offers a thriving habitat for these fish, making it a great place to fish all year long.Anglers can enjoy the scenic beauty and peace of the Swan River while fishing from the riverbanks or from a boat.

Hillarys Boat Harbour

Hillarys Boat Harbour 1

Hillarys Boat Harbour, located in Perth, Western Australia, is a popular destination for fishing enthusiasts. This bustling harbor offers excellent fishing opportunities for both locals and tourists alike. Anglers can cast their lines from the jetties, breakwaters, or boats to target a variety of fish species.

The waters around Hillarys Boat Harbour are known for their abundance of fish such as snapper, herring, tailor, and whiting, among others. These species attract anglers looking to test their skills and enjoy a day of fishing in a vibrant coastal setting.

The convenience of the boat harbor provides easy access to the fishing grounds, and visitors can also find amenities such as bait and tackle shops, boat rentals, and fishing charters to enhance their fishing experience. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a novice, Hillarys Boat Harbour offers a convenient and enjoyable location to pursue your fishing passion in Australia.


Rockingham 1

Rockingham, a seaside community in Western Australia south of Perth, is well-known for its superb fishing prospects. Fishing aficionados come from near and far to Rockingham because of its scenic beaches and proximity to the Indian Ocean. In this region, anglers may enjoy both shore-based and boat fishing.

Targetable fish species in Rockingham include snapper, herring, whiting, tailor, flathead, and squid. Rockingham’s coastal waters are perfect for these species, making it a well-liked location for recreational fishing.

Anglers have several opportunities in Rockingham to explore their hobby, including casting a line from the shore, fishing off jetties and going out on a boat.


Fremantle 1

Fremantle, a historic port city near Perth, Australia, offers not only a vibrant cultural scene but also excellent fishing opportunities. Situated on the coast, Fremantle provides easy access to the waters of the Indian Ocean, making it a prime location for fishing enthusiasts. Anglers can cast their lines from the fishing platforms along the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour or charter a boat to explore deeper waters. The fishing grounds off Fremantle are home to a variety of fish species, including snapper, dhufish, pink snapper, and samson fish. Whether you prefer shore fishing or deep-sea adventures, Fremantle offers an exciting and rewarding fishing experience for all.

Woodman Point

Woodman Point 1

Anglers come from near and far to fish at Woodman Point, which is a well-known fishing location in Western Australia close to Perth. At the Swan River’s mouth, Woodman Point provides a variety of fishing options. In these rich waters, anglers may expect to capture fish including tailor, herring, flathead, whiting, and bream.

There are several opportunities for fishing at Woodman Point, including both beach fishing and rock fishing. The beach fishing in perth offers the chance to cast lines into the surf, while the rocky areas provide ideal spots for targeting a variety of species. Additionally, the area has jetties and fishing platforms providing easy access to the water.

Carnac Island

Carnac Island 1

Carnac Island, located off the coast of Western Australia, is a popular destination for fishing enthusiasts. Known for its crystal-clear waters and abundant marine life, it offers an excellent opportunity for anglers to indulge in their favorite pastime. The island is home to a variety of fish species, including snapper, herring, tailor, and pink snapper, among others.

Fishing around Carnac Island can be done from a boat or from the shoreline, depending on personal preference and access. The island’s rocky shores and surrounding reefs provide ideal habitats for these fish, attracting anglers from near and far. With its scenic beauty and tranquil atmosphere, Carnac Island provides a picturesque backdrop for a day of fishing.

As always, it is important to adhere to fishing regulations and guidelines, including bag limits and size restrictions, to ensure sustainable fishing practices and the preservation of the marine ecosystem. With its abundant fish populations and breathtaking surroundings, Carnac Island offers a memorable fishing experience for those exploring the waters of Australia.

Mullaloo Beach

Mullaloo Beach 1

Mullaloo Beach, located in Perth, Western Australia, is not only a popular spot for sunbathing and swimming but also offers excellent opportunities for fishing. Fishing at Mullaloo Beach can yield a variety of catches, including tailor, herring, whiting, and flathead. These fish are attracted to the area due to its reef formations and offshore sandbanks. The beach also serves as a great spot for beach fishing, where anglers can try their luck in catching a variety of species..

With its scenic beauty and abundant marine life, Mullaloo Beach offers a rewarding fishing experience for both locals and visitors who enjoy the thrill of casting a line and reeling in a catch while enjoying the sun and surf.

Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe Beach 1

In addition to surfing and tanning, Cottesloe Beach in Australia offers a special fishing opportunity. Cottesloe Beach, which is in Perth, Western Australia, is well-known for its clear waters and sandy shores. To catch different fish species, anglers can cast their lines from the beach or venture out onto the nearby reef and rocks. Tailor, herring, whiting, and occasionally salmon are among the frequently caught fish. Visitors can relax and go fishing at Cottesloe Beach while taking in the breathtaking coastal scenery and casting for their next catch.

Mindarie Marina

Mindarie Marina 1

Fishing enthusiasts frequently travel to Mindarie Marina in Perth, Western Australia. The marina, which is located on the Indian Ocean, provides wonderful fishing opportunities and a beautiful setting. Diverse species, such as snapper, dhufish, pink snapper, herring, and tailor, are available for anglers to pursue. In order to accommodate various preferences and fishing techniques, the marina offers simple access to both inshore and offshore fishing grounds. Anglers can take in the thrill of the catch and the stunning coastal scenery whether they fish from the jetties, rocks, or boats at the marina. In order to provide visitors with a convenient and pleasurable fishing experience, Mindarie Marina also provides amenities like bait and tackle shops, boat rentals, and fishing charters.

Two Rocks Marina

Two Rocks Marina 1

Located north of Perth, Western Australia, Two Rocks Marina is a popular destination for fishing enthusiasts. Situated on the coast, this marina offers access to excellent fishing grounds in the Indian Ocean. Anglers can venture offshore to target a variety of species, including dhufish, snapper, baldchin groper, pink snapper, and more.

The marina provides a convenient launching point for fishing charters and private boats, allowing anglers to explore the productive waters off the Western Australian coastline. Whether you prefer bottom fishing, trolling, or deep-sea angling, Two Rocks Marina offers ample opportunities to pursue your fishing passion.

In addition to its fishing facilities, Two Rocks Marina boasts amenities such as boat ramps, fish-cleaning stations, and nearby cafes to enhance the overall fishing experience. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a beginner, Two Rocks Marina provides an accessible and enjoyable fishing destination in Australia.

Moore River

Moore River 1

Moore River, located in Western Australia, is another popular fishing spot for anglers in Australia. This river flows into the Indian Ocean near Guilderton and offers a diverse range of fishing opportunities. Anglers can target species such as tailor, herring, bream, whiting, and even mulloway in the deeper sections.

Fishing in Moore River provides a unique experience as anglers can enjoy both estuarine and beach fishing. The river mouth provides a great spot for catching tailor and herring, while the deeper sections of the river are known for bream and mulloway.

Anglers can fish from the river banks, jetties, or take a boat out to explore different areas. The serene surroundings, combined with the excitement of reeling in a catch, make Moore River a popular destination for fishing enthusiasts.

As with any fishing location, it’s important to be aware of fishing regulations and bag limits to ensure the sustainability of fish populations in Moore River. Respecting these guidelines helps preserve the natural beauty and abundance of this fishing spot.

Trigg Beach

Trigg Beach 1

Trigg Beach, located in Perth, Western Australia, is not only a popular spot for sunbathing and surfing but also offers excellent fishing opportunities. Common catches at Trigg Beach include tailor, herring, whiting, and occasionally, larger species like salmon and mulloway.

The beach’s proximity to the Indian Ocean makes it an ideal location for anglers seeking both relaxation and excitement. Whether you prefer beach fishing or trying your luck from the rocky outcrops, Trigg Beach provides a beautiful setting for a day of fishing.

North and South Mole

North and South Mole 1

North and South Mole, located in Fremantle, Western Australia, are renowned fishing spots along the coast. The moles are man-made structures that extend into the Indian Ocean, offering excellent opportunities for anglers.

North Mole is a popular fishing location known for its diversity of species. Anglers can target fish such as snapper, tailor, herring, mulloway, and even occasional pelagic species. The structure of the mole provides a great platform for casting lines and enjoying a day of fishing.

South Mole, on the other hand, is particularly known for its deep-water fishing. Anglers often target species like samson fish, pink snapper, dhufish, and kingfish. This spot is also frequented by divers and snorkelers due to its abundant marine life.

Both North and South Mole offer scenic views of the ocean and the surrounding area, making the fishing experience even more enjoyable.

Yanchep Lagoon

Yanchep Lagoon 1

Yanchep Lagoon, located north of Perth in Western Australia, is a popular spot for fishing enthusiasts. The lagoon, with its clear blue waters, offers opportunities for beach fishing and rock fishing. Anglers can try their luck at catching a variety of fish species such as tailor, herring, whiting, and flathead.

The lagoon’s calm and sheltered waters make it an ideal location for families and novice anglers to enjoy fishing. The beach fishing perth area provides ample space for casting lines, and the nearby reefs offer additional fishing options. Anglers can either fish directly from the shore or venture out onto the rocks for a different experience.

As with any fishing activity, it’s important to follow local regulations, such as bag limits and size restrictions, to ensure the sustainability of fish populations. Additionally, being mindful of the tides and weather conditions is crucial for safety while fishing at Yanchep Lagoon.

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a beginner, Yanchep Lagoon photos are tempting and offers a beautiful setting and the opportunity to reel in some great catches, making it a favored fishing spot in Australia.

Mangles Bay

Mangles Bay

Mangles Bay, located in Western Australia, is a prime fishing spot that attracts anglers from near and far. Situated south of Perth, this coastal area offers excellent opportunities for fishing enthusiasts. The bay is known for its diverse range of fish species, including tailor, herring, whiting, flathead, and squid. Whether casting a line from the shore or venturing out on a boat, anglers can enjoy the thrill of catching these prized fish. The tranquil waters of Mangles Bay, combined with the scenic beauty of the surrounding coastline, create a serene and picturesque setting for a day of fishing. With its abundance of fish and natural charm, Mangles Bay is a must-visit destination for fishing enthusiasts in Australia

Mosman Bay

Mosman Bay 2 scaled

In Perth, Western Australia, on the Swan River, Mosman Bay provides anglers with a picturesque setting. This picturesque bay is a desirable location to cast a line because of its calm waters and lovely surroundings. Mosman Bay is home to numerous fish species, including black bream, yellowfin bream, tailor, herring, and the occasional flathead, which anglers can expect to encounter there.

You can fish in Mosman Bay from a boat or from the shore. Both seasoned anglers and novices find it to be a desirable location due to the calm waters and numerous fishing opportunities.

Blackwall Reach

Blackwall Reach 1

Perth, Australia’s Blackwall Reach is a well-liked fishing location for both locals and tourists. It is situated along the Swan River. Anglers have many great opportunities to cast their lines and try their luck along this picturesque section of the river.

A number of different fish species are drawn to the deep waters and rocky shoreline of Blackwall Reach. Anglers can go after well-known catches like mulloway, tailor, herring, and black bream. The reach is convenient for shore fishing because it is reachable from the river bank.

Fishing at Blackwall Reach offers the chance to take in the natural splendour of the Swan River as well as the thrill of the catch. The serene setting and beautiful views enhance the overall fishing experience.

Narrows Bridge

Narrows Bridge 1

Fishermen have access to fishing options from Perth, Australia’s Narrows Bridge, which crosses the Swan River and acts as a famous landmark. Access to the river’s parts where fishermen can try their luck capturing different fish species is made possible by the bridge.

Anglers may catch fish including bream, flathead, tailor, and herring in the area around the Narrows Bridge. The proximity of the bridge to the river’s upstream and downstream regions offers a variety of fishing opportunities.

Fishing enthusiasts may enjoy casting their lines from the riverbanks close to the bridge or take to the water in boats to explore new regions. While using this fishing location, it’s crucial to be aware of fishing laws and follow sustainable fishing techniques

Riverside Gardens

Riverside Gardens 2

Australia’s Riverside Gardens provide a wonderful chance for fishing aficionados. These gardens offer quick access to excellent fishing locations because they are situated along riverbanks. While throwing their lines into the waters of the river, anglers may take in the tranquil surroundings.

Riverside Gardens can accommodate a range of fishing interests because of its multitude of fish species. Anglers can go for well-known fish including bream, flathead, whiting, and others. Anglers may test their abilities and experience the rush of the catch whether they use bait, lures, or fly fishing tactics.

In addition to offering fantastic fishing chances, Riverside Gardens also offers a beautiful location for leisure and enjoyment. The riverfront offers the ideal setting for a tranquil fishing trip as anglers may immerse themselves in the surrounding natural splendour.


Perth, with its variety of fish species and breathtaking natural scenery, provides an exceptional fishing experience. Anglers may discover the greatest fishing areas Perth has to offer, from the picturesque Swan River to the enthralling coastal seas. There are many options for fishing, whether you’re chasing snapper, bream, flathead, or other sought-after species.

To increase your chances of having a successful excursion, stay up to date on Perth fishing reports. These reports offer insightful information on the most recent hotspots, conditions, and fishing methods that might improve the angling experience.

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Note: To ensure compliance with local laws and to maintain the sustainability of the fish population, it is important to check fishing regulations, bag limits, and any specific restrictions in the area before fishing.

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